Women’s session “on demand”

For a special request I offer an unconventional kind of shooting. I realise that standing in front of a lens or posing might be uneasy for many people. That why before we start shooting pictures, we will work on your good mood, openness and self-confidence. A professional hairdresser will enhance your looks with a proper hairdo. A make-up professional will choose the best make-up for your face. All that to make you feel amazingly subtle and feminine. On top of that there is your favourite music, a short chat, good coffee or favourite juice to give you more time to make yourself familiar with the place, the light and the accompanying people. Considering a professional session, do not think that you’re not tanned enough, that you need to loose a few pounds or to chisel your body properly. None of us is ideal and never will be. Even supermodels have their flaws and weak points. Remember, you are beautiful HERE and NOW! My job is to position and direct you in such a way that I can highlight what is the most wonderful and exceptional in you. Together we will find your assets and your strong sides. So please do not expect of my photos to make you look different from yourself, enhanced with various photo apps. I will show you that the real beauty is in you.

Do you have to be a model?

Shooting sessions are for both professional models and people who are standing in front of the camera for the first time. So why then do women decide for a session? There are lots of reasons. Professional models are willing to broaden their portfolio. The others often want to put themselves in a better mood, gain confidence, sometimes they want to start a new phase in their lives and sometimes they may want to catch this exceptional moment, sometimes they want to see themselves with different eyes and sometimes they want to discover the beauty in themselves that they themselves have not been able to see. For some, photo sessions are also a challenge but most importantly, they are an interesting and exciting adventure.

Do you have to be a model?

Each session is a new challenge for me and I treat them very individually. I always take into consideration the expectations of the model as well as the character of the shooting session. I mainly specialize in subtle, women’s portraits but also in delicate pictures in lingerie and nude photos. I also take image-building pictures.


A voucher for a photo session is a great idea for an exceptional gift. A beautiful envelope hiding … the way to experience a great adventure. Occasions may vary. Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, a Christmas gift, a Valentine’s Day gift, Mother’s Day … are just a few examples. Such a gift can be used within 6 months from the date of purchase.

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