Playing with the camera has given me a lot of joy since the very beginning. With interest I was discovering new functions of the equipment I bought. With lots of involvement I learnt the techniques of photo processing and read photo magazines. With the passion of a child I was fascinated to take pictures of amazing landscapes, moments and places. With time, I discovered that the most interesting topic for my photography is human being. I started to analyse the faces, emotions and exceptional features that make every one of us different from the crowd. To be able to show the beauty of a human it is not enough to “click” the shutter … one needs to create proper conditions. A pleasant place, proper light and … most importantly, a specific bond between the photographer and the person modelling for the picture. This bond is what makes it possible to catch what is individual and exceptional in each person. That’s why I do not want to make my photographing “a job” and I want to let it remain my passion.

Seweryn Kiedrowicz